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How to use life jackets on yachts

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The lifejacket is one of the essential life-saving equipment of the ship, its role is to enable the people in the water in the water, face out of the water to be saved, but also can keep warm, to prevent body heat loss.

①Plastic life vest

Using the foam plastic as buoyancy material and thin canvas as the outer cloth, it is easy to make, easy to wear and durable. It is the most commonly used life vest. Wear it around your neck, tie your belt, and tighten your collar.

②Kapok lifejacket

There are about 1Kg pure kapok as buoyancy material, waterproof material is used to wrap kapok into a lot of small bags, distribution of life jackets, and the use of thin canvas as outsourcing cloth. The life jacket of kapok has good heat preservation, and this kind of life jacket is often used in ships sailing in cold areas. This kind of life vest should be noted that if the waterproof material is damaged and kapok is immersed in seawater directly, the floating time will be greatly affected.

③Inflatable lifejacket

Rely on inflation for buoyancy, with double rubber cloth as the gas chamber the entire lifejacket dissection, there are two independent air chamber, a gas chamber out of action can also meet the requirements of buoyancy. The gas chamber is provided with a pneumatic, inflatable tube can be used on both sides of the chest mouth; some mechanical blowing. Inflatable lifejacket, small volume, easy to wear after engaged in various operations, only allowing the crew to use.

Life jacket wearing

The life jacket on the boat can be worn on both sides. The person who wears a life vest can rotate the body to a safe floating posture, so that the body is tilted backward and the face is exposed to the water, and the mouth is at least 12 centimeters away from the water surface. Passengers on the yacht must wear proper life jackets to ensure safety.

The specific method of wearing a life jacket is: before wearing a plastic (ordinary) life vest, you should check the buoyancy bag, collar belt, belt and so on, they can not be damaged. The lifejacket head set to wear on the body, a big buoyant bag placed on the body in front of the belt from about two around to the back, in the round to the front of a week, in front of the chest tighten a reef knot (life playing prenolepis) fasten.

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