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Procedures for safety inspection procedures of motorboat

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1, for the engine flameout safety lanyards, must be securely attached to the wrist or lifejacket, any time we must firmly tied.

2. All crew members must wear fitted, local law approved life jackets. We also recommend wearing protective clothing at the same time, such as pants for diving suits, eye care, footwear and gloves, etc..

3, often very alert, carefully observant and alert, other drivers, water skiing, divers and swimmers, and other motorboat. Be alert and alert to the surrounding environment.

4, try to avoid using motorboat to jump wave, or use its action to dial water, or at a distance beyond another motorboat. Keep safe distance.

5, do not drink or use drugs before, during or during operation.

6. All drivers of motor boats / boats must meet the legal age.

7, professional leisure product manufacturer's advice, to drive alone motorboat / speedboat people, should be at least 16 years old.

8. Be sure to drive at a safe speed, and be ready to stop or change the course of the motorboat or speedboat in case of emergency, avoiding danger. Don't go beyond your ability and experience, and reserve enough distance to stop the motorboat.

9, understanding the channel priority in the use of rules: in general, meet the oncoming speedboats, to avoid each other right off the course.

10, remember to have the power provided by the throttle to turn.

11, the coastline must be in sight, but not too close to residential areas or busy areas. Understand other people who share the channel. Obey all navigation marks and sign notices.

12. Be familiar with the waters you operate; follow all navigational aids and signs.

13. Understand and understand all the operating features of your motorboat; read and follow the instructions of the operator's manual.

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